APFC Panels

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels or APFC Panels are used in numerous industries. APFC Panels, that we offer, control power factor correction, which is the process of compensating for the lagging current by creating a leading current by connecting capacitors to the supply. The APFC Panels maintain required power factor.

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels, APFC Panels Manufacturers in Nashik

:: Specifications ::

  • CT's will be resin cast
  • Cables will be of ISI standard
  • Capacitors: Resin filled / Gas filled / APP
  • Rated Out Put 20 -1000 KVAr , Number of Steps 1-16
  • Switching device: Thyristor /Capacitor duty corrector
  • Protection: HRC fuse/ semiconductor fuse / SFU / MCCB
  • Rated Voltage: 380/400/415/440V. Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Degree of Protection IP 542, Sheet thickness 2mm for Structure/Load bearing members and 3mm for Gland plates
  • Powder coating of 70 micron is applied evenly on all metal surface and oven baked at an average temperature of 150°C